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Best Mercer Island Health Pros

  • 7800 SE 27th St 102, Mercer Island
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - they are great- super easy and accessible- no nonsense
    Sue Borgman - Extremely friendly and keep things simple - don't try and upsell which I really appreciate
  • 9675 SE 36th St, Mercer Island
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - dr. schreuder and dr gonzales amazing- they are so sweet and thorough - feels like 1970s they know your name and you can tell that they are tracking the kids overall wellness not just physical
    Rochelle Whelan - John and Liz are fantastic. John was the first one to visit me in the hospital when I gave birth to my third child in the middle of a snowstorm! They have been caring for my kids since we moved to Mercer Island and I can't imagine going anywhere else.
    Dawn Zedonis - Mom to accident prone twin boys. Long story short: I'd follow Dr. Elizabeth Evans to the ends of the earth.
  • Bassi Jones Building, 7834 SE 32nd St 205, Mercer Island
    Amy Posner Wolff - Lisa practices 5 Element Acupuncture which is different from what I have done previously. She gets to know you and what's going on in your life before she starts your treatment. She ends up treating more than your initial concern. I always feel refreshed when I leave her office.
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - lisa is awesome- she is so easy to talk to and professional- she has a very soothing environment and makes you feel comfortable
    Jill Friedman - Lisa Porad on Mercer Island. She's fantastic!
    recommended by Aron Penski, Erica Posner
  • 9675 SE 36th St 100, Mercer Island
    Amy Posner Wolff - Our family has been with Dr. Schreuder for over 16 years. We became big fans right away when he visited our 32 week preemie in the NICU before we even had a chance to meet him in person. He has always been there to support our medical decisions for our three children.
    Shannon Savage - We have 4 teens, and Dr. Schreuder has taken care of all of them since they were born. He's thoughtful, provides you with all the options, and lets the parents/patients make the choice on how to proceed.
    Shannon Savage - My 4 kiddos have been Dr. Schreuder's patients since 2001. Dr. Schreuder has a very thoughtful approach to medicine. He listens carefully, and when he makes his diagnosis he always gives the patient and parent all available options for treatment. He's been keeping my kids well (and stitched up) for nearly 2 decades. I'm sad they are getting too old for the pediatrician!
    recommended by Rob Wolf, Maricel Aziz, Dodi Nov
  • Rosauer Plaza, 2835 82nd Ave SE 210, Mercer Island
    Ali White MacBeth - Botox Botox Botox! Dr. Hughes is the best!
    Susie Cohen - Dr. Allison and her team are wonderful. I highly recommend.
  • 2955 80th Ave SE 102, Mercer Island
    Joe Carling - I’m a whimp when it comes to dental work Carrie has restored my faith in the dental industry. These folks take exceptional care of their patients and always make sure I’m as comfortable as possible. Love the soft blankets I get.
    Kevin Fitzwilson - She is great. Works with all our family
    Virl Hill - She's taken great care of our family's dental needs for 20 years!
  • 2750 77th Ave SE, Mercer Island
    Amy Posner Wolff - I love Dr. Hali! She is all about getting on your way by not only treating you, but recommending exercises to keep you healthy (and not having to see your often). Not all chiropractors are created equal. Two thumbs up for the staff at Helix Sport + Spine.
    Daniel Ybanez - Haley is knowledgeable and very skilled.
  • Amy Posner Wolff - I look forward to my sessions with Lencsi. She is a great listener, while always giving me new perspectives to think about. Telemedicine has also made scheduling video calls much easier to weave into my busy life. I highly recommended Lencsi.
    M K - Excellent counselor - I am extremely grateful for Lencsi's care and compassion. She knows me well and has been incredibly supportive in guiding me through some challenging times and life transitions. A very safe provider for folks in non-traditional relationships who are queer.
    recommended by Alexis Rubenstein
  • 2448 76th Ave SE, Mercer Island
    recommended by Katie Guenther, Evan Hiner
  • recommended by Amy Posner Wolff


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Katie Drucker
3 months ago • Laurelhurst
Anyone have a recommendation for a great physiotherapist? thx.
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Snezana Popovic
4 months ago • Maple Leaf
Hello, Does anyone have a great cardiologist to recommend in Seattle?
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Brian Glaister
6 months ago • Greenlake
My regular doc who I have seen for 16 years is retiring and I haven't been thrilled with others I've seen in her practice. Any recommendations? I l...
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Ta Pemgrove
8 months ago • Seattle
Asking: What is a surefire way to make them go away? I'd love to wear shorts again someday. Im looking for natural recommendations or referrals to ...
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Aaron Rhodes
8 months ago • Seattle
Anyone have good referrals for cataract surgeons in Seattle/Bellevue area?
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Cassie Walker Johnson
10 months ago • Wedgwood
Looking for a physical therapist with a specialty/experience on foot and ankle injuries preferably in North Seattle. Who do you know?
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