2 Best Morrison Boutiques

  • 120 Bear Creek Ave. Morrison, CO • Civic Center
    Elexa Martinez - I ordered the cutest waffle and butter earrings from the Maxi and they are just a favorite of mine and my daughter's. The Moxi has such cool and unique finds in this wonderful locally owned store!! A must when on the hunt for a special gift or just something fun for yourself!!
    Mandi Pacer - Explore the best of Colorado artists all under-one-roof when you visit The Moxi Poppy. With now over 50 makers featured, you're sure to find something for everyone. The space itself is always evolving, so there's always something new to check out!
    Jennifer Marthaler - I am a vendor who sells jewelry at the Moxi Poppy. I am at the boutique fairly often and I can't help but shop every time I am there.

    I have found cute masks, amaaaazing goat milk soap, candle holders, fudge 🤤, and pottery-all handmade by local artisians! There is also tons of amazing art and the cutest crochet hats!!! The owner Mandi is so welcoming and always makes every customer feel at home. Her passion for supporting local artisians is very evident! You will NOT be dissapointed shopping at the Moxi Poppy!
    recommended by Aaron H, Ana Fanakra, larissa Cole
  • 309 Bear Creek Ave, Morrison
    Mandi Pacer - This charming boutique has been in Morrison for 30+ years and has a very classy vibe. My favorite items to explore include antiques, Turkish lamps, and Native American jewelry. The owner is delightfully sweet and it's clear she loves making the perfect sanctuary for anyone who visits.

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