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  • 2110 E Union St, Seattle
    Liz Pearce - My daughter has been taking cello lessons from Ebony at the Central District location and loves it! It's not even hard to convince her to practice! Others have told me they've had similarly good experiences with other teachers / instruments. They also have a new location in Columbia City.
    Steve Dossick - Great school with a variety of excellent teachers on many different instruments.
    Lila Pearce - Just started in the fall I have a great teacher named Ebony and I’ve learned a lot.
  • 8300 Aurora Ave N, Seattle
    Ben Shorr - Jonny is a talented guitar player and teacher. Jonny is a gem - a teacher who listens and meets you where you're at with the key pieces of guidance or advice that help you move forward. Jonny's genuine passion for music and people really shines through and he motivated me to improve with consistent encouragement and feedback. I am still a beginner guitar player - but with some better basics!
  • 4214 SW Dakota St, Seattle • West Seattle
    Chris Manderino - Shelly has been teaching my son piano lessons for 8 months and he definitely catching on. This is a little gem in West Seattle you'll want to check out.
  • Steven A. Chayer - David Levin has been teaching kids and adults how to play the drums at Shoreline Music school for 1 1/2 years. He has many happy students. His rates are 1/2 Hour $3​8.00, 1 Hour $70.00. There is a Family Discount 10% Off 2nd Family Member. Address: 1240 NE 175th Street, Ste D, Shoreline WA 98155 Phone: 206-402-6701.

    In full disclosure, I am a co-owner of this school and I have tremendous respect for our carefully chosen teachers.
  • 106 N 85th St, Seattle
    Maile Bohlmann - School of Rock Seattle, in Greenwood, is amazing! Our son has been taking lessons and performing with their performance program for several years. It's like the movie--kids learn music by playing rock songs. The magic is that this actually makes them want to practice! And the shows they put on each season are the real deal. Can't recommend enough!
  • Melinda Lane - Josh is a phenomenal musician, but the reasons I recommend him are his heart and his ears. Josh is one of the most present, generous people I know, and he hears what isn’t said. He knows how to connect with students no matter why they want to learn music, and he makes it fun and meaningful. If you want an excellent teacher and person, Josh is the one to call.
  • 4509 Midvale Ave N, Seattle • Wallingford
    Gail Borod Giacobbe - Caleb from Off The Wall has been amazing working with our son on piano jazz, blues improv, and anything else.
  • Brian Schultz - Doing great work for our kids! Timely, professional, patient.
  • 5908 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle • Ravenna
    Richard Luck - The Trading Musician has a wide range of used acoustic, electric, and flat-top guitars, plus pedals and other gear. It's hard for me to go into that store and leave without something in hand.
  • Rob Franco - Jon is amazing as a performer and clever in teaching his loyal students, five stars!

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Jen Hope
about 2 months ago • Queen Anne
I'm looking to buy a guitar as a holiday gift and would like to try and buy local. Any suggestions?
7 replies
about 2 months ago
Daniel Lindsey Moore Brothers Music
Its where I bought my last axe

Also Guitar center in Redmond is pretty good. That's where my buddy gets his. If I remember right, they carried some pretty nice Les Pauls
Tom Laramee It would help to know a couple of things: (1) acoustic vs electric (2) for an adult vs for a child and (3) new vs used. Dusty Strings is a wonderful shop, but they specialize in acoustic instruments. I think they have a handful of electric guitars, but the overwhelming selection will all be acoustic. They also have a "Baby Taylor" or two, which is an acoustic guitar that's ideal for a child to begin learning (it's just a 3/4 scaled down version of a full-sized acoustic guitar and they're super easy/fun to play). Their staff is great and you can sit in there for hours and play as many guitars as you'd like before deciding.

If you want a massive selection and lots of price variance, The Trading Musician would be a great place to check out. It's mostly electric but I'm pretty sure they'll have a lot of both. They carry both new & used. Prepare to be overwhelmed with choices.

Emerald City Guitars specializes in vintage guitars, which I think would be ideal if you're looking for a vintage guitar (but not so much if you're looking for a new guitar). I also think they lean electric, meaning they have a handful of acoustic but many more electric.
Richard Luck 2nd the recommendation for The Trading Musician. They have a wide range of used acoustic, electric, and flat-top guitars, plus pedals and other gear. It's hard for me to go into that store and leave without something in hand.
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