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3 Best Seattle Musical Instruments

  • 6400 California Ave SW, Seattle
    Chris Manderino - Thunder Road Guitars in West Seattle is a great local shop for guitars..if you are up for visiting the accidental island.
  • 7430 164th Ave NE B205, Redmond
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  • 939 NE Boat St, Seattle • University District
    Greg Linden - A fantastic, geeky, enthusiastic small business repairing mostly brass instruments such as saxophones. We've been thrilled with the results every time we've used them, great work, inexpensive, perfect results every time.

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Jen Hope
about 2 months ago • Queen Anne
I'm looking to buy a guitar as a holiday gift and would like to try and buy local. Any suggestions?
7 replies
about 1 month ago
Daniel Lindsey Moore Brothers Music
Its where I bought my last axe

Also Guitar center in Redmond is pretty good. That's where my buddy gets his. If I remember right, they carried some pretty nice Les Pauls
Tom Laramee It would help to know a couple of things: (1) acoustic vs electric (2) for an adult vs for a child and (3) new vs used. Dusty Strings is a wonderful shop, but they specialize in acoustic instruments. I think they have a handful of electric guitars, but the overwhelming selection will all be acoustic. They also have a "Baby Taylor" or two, which is an acoustic guitar that's ideal for a child to begin learning (it's just a 3/4 scaled down version of a full-sized acoustic guitar and they're super easy/fun to play). Their staff is great and you can sit in there for hours and play as many guitars as you'd like before deciding.

If you want a massive selection and lots of price variance, The Trading Musician would be a great place to check out. It's mostly electric but I'm pretty sure they'll have a lot of both. They carry both new & used. Prepare to be overwhelmed with choices.

Emerald City Guitars specializes in vintage guitars, which I think would be ideal if you're looking for a vintage guitar (but not so much if you're looking for a new guitar). I also think they lean electric, meaning they have a handful of acoustic but many more electric.
Richard Luck 2nd the recommendation for The Trading Musician. They have a wide range of used acoustic, electric, and flat-top guitars, plus pedals and other gear. It's hard for me to go into that store and leave without something in hand.
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