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3 Best Seattle Piano Teachers

Piano Teachers Near Seattle

  • 1240 NE 175th St Ste D, Shoreline

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Abbe Tolzmann
9 months ago • Queen Anne
Our kids are interested in piano. Where should we start looking at renting or buying a digital piano or the real deal?
4 replies
9 months ago
Adam Doppelt Agree with that. Full sized keyboard is way cheaper, not to mention more fun for beginners.
Steven A. Chayer Chris and Adam have the right idea :)
Linda Chow If space is no object I would recommend a grand piano or a full sized upright. Kids can tell the difference in instrument quality, and a large soundboard is very encouraging and may keep them interested in playing. If that is not an option, then a good digital keyboard with full sized keys and a responsive action is a reasonable choice.

If the kids are interested let them try out various instruments and participate in the decision; they may be more invested in the instrument and practice more!
Tom Laramee
10 months ago • Fremont
I'm looking for a piano teacher for my daughter. She's beginner-ish in skill level. I'm hoping to find someone who makes house calls (we live in th...
6 replies
9 months ago
Tom Laramee Adam, it might be useful to get a couple of leads to see if they know someone closer. If I could find someone in Wallingford, or Phinney, or Fremont .. that would be ideal (and I'm sure it's possible).
Meredith Fife Hi Tom, I would try this website:
It is a good list of local music teachers and whether or not they teach in a student's home or studio. Hope this helps.
Adam Doppelt Here's the info from my Magnolia friend:

* Diane Garland, very popular in Magnolia and a personal friend.
* Jennifer Savage Crane, (206) 384-6460. She teaches a friend's kid.
* Kristin Cieslak, (412) 302-9219. Teaches adults? Not sure about house calls.
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