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2 Best Seattle Softwares

  • University District Building (UDB), 1107 NE 45th St 215, Seattle
    Steve Carver - Home Hub is a new mobile software that helps home owners understand the preventative maintenance they need to do to keep their home running efficiently.

    The app identifies all of the appliances and HVAC systems in the home from a simple picture of the nameplates. Home Hub then brings in all of the user manuals, checks against recall lists, and schedules reminders for the homeowners to perform basic maintenance items.

    This preventative maintenance helps appliances and HVAC systems run more efficiently. When they work efficiently they don’t work as hard, and when they don’t work as hard they use less energy, saving the homeowners money. Over a lifetime of not having to work as hard, appliances and HVAC systems last longer saving homeowners even more. Preventative maintenance also helps to identify potential problems before they cause major losses like fires and water damage.
  • 4894 Sparks Blvd. NV USA

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