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People followed by Brittany Menestrina

Austin, TX • 173.4k karma
Living in ATX and working in the nonprofit world • Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Graphic Design • Teenage boy and dog mom • I love exploring new restaurants, live music, and other ATX spots.
Boulder, CO • 113.3k karma
I am a mom of two boys ages 3 and 4, bonus mom to two kids, son 13 and daughter 16, and two pups! I was born and raised in Colorado and love to enjoy the outdoors in my free time! Being a mom of two young boys means I am always looking for recommendations about parks, businesses and products from people I know and trust!
Seattle, WA • 112.3k karma
Mom to two awesome kids and a pup. Montlake by day, Montlake by night.
Indianapolis, IN • 100.0k karma
Nature girl, gardening, and community connections. Mom of three awesome humans and two big fur babies.
Carmel, IN • 93.0k karma
Mom with a passion for helping my community and making the changes I want to see happen in our world.
Austin, TX • 74.4k karma
Long time Austin resident. Know little bits about lots of stuff. Kid stuff, cooking and baking stuff, elementary school stuff, and stuff stuff.
Mercer Island, WA • 64.2k karma
Mother of three and a labradoodle, track coach, passionate about holistic healing, connecting with new/old friends, the great outdoors, recycling and overall lover of life!
Puyallup, WA • 58.8k karma
Admin at Pierce Conservation District ~ Health, Fitness and Sustainability Guru. Always looking on the brighter side.
Cambridge, MA • 58.6k karma
I love to meet people, try new things, and discover places. I would love to share with you my favorite products and services. Follow me for daily tips!
Austin, TX • 57.0k karma
UK-born, ATX-based working mum. Life hack huntress. Culture cultivator. Buyer of too many children's clothes.
Atlanta, GA • 54.2k karma
Welcome to my page! My name is Dakota, and I absolutely love my community for all that it is and for all that it does. Atlanta is a fast-growing, international melting pot filled with hidden gems, surrounded by everyday people doing incredible things, and I want you to come share in my adventure! Traveler ✈️ Book Lover 📖 Obsessed with cheese 🧀
Decatur, GA • 53.7k karma
I'm a former boutique owner & current Realtor. I'm a true Libra: lover of design & aesthetics and logic & justice. I strive for conscious consumerism, sustainability, and shopping with heart.
Portland, OR • 52.9k karma
Favorite things in life are my boys, sewing, embroidery, volunteering and sharing my experiences.
Indianapolis, IN • 46.9k karma
Currently a grad student at New England College, working towards an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. I'm 23-years-old, a Graduate Teaching Assistant, & love to travel and experience new foods and surroundings.
Denver, CO • 44.9k karma
Hi, I'm Kei ("Kay")! I'm a ganjantrepreneur (owner of Creatively Cannabis), freelancer, and gypsie. I love to do anything creative. Basically, I'm a super DIY-inista! Happy to suggest on cannabis, art, music, or natural products! Ginger-aholic and low-key foodie.
Miami, FL • 43.1k karma
Portland, OR • 35.3k karma
Redmond, WA • 33.3k karma
Mostly just a regular dude, with a family, who likes adventure sports.
Boulder, CO • 31.2k karma
Born in TN and moved to CO last year! Love playing my guitar, drinking beer, and hanging out with friends!
Georgetown, TX • 29.9k karma
New resident of the Austin, Texas area. Enjoy getting to know the communities around me.
Seattle, WA • 29.0k karma
I love reviewing products on my blog
Dallas, TX • 26.5k karma
Hello, there! I love sharing recommendations for products and businesses I love, so this site is a dream come true for me. I'm a digital marketer by day and a life coach by night. I have a dog and cat, Willow and Nova, so I'm often buying lots of pet stuff too! Feel free to ask me questions if anything piques your interest :)
Denver, CO • 26.3k karma
Some of the opportunities I prize most in life are helping local businesses succeed and helping my neighbors to get the best out of their community! We're all in this together...let's help each other out!
Somerville, MA • 25.7k karma
Always looking for the most sustainable option. Lover of thrifting, vegan eats, and a million hobbies.
Seattle, WA • 22.8k karma
Founder and Chief Organizer at Amy Woidtke: Making space for you. Partner, FurMama, passionate about planet and community, dancer of life!
Boston, MA • 22.7k karma
Miami, FL • 22.6k karma
Hi welcome to my page! My name is Patricia Burnett and I will be showing you the hot spots here in Miami Florida ! Enjoy the ride!
Atlanta, GA • 22.5k karma
Learning to use my voice for myself and my community. Writer of love letters. Stand-up comedian & designated texter in friend group. Roller skating is therapy. Yes, I'm one of those weirdos who enjoys green mint choc chip ice-cream.
Seattle, WA • 21.4k karma
Into dogs because they care more. Kids are cool too.
Seattle, WA • 20.1k karma
Senior Marketer at Fresh Chalk. Dog mom. Style junky. Bookworm. Home cooking enthusiast.
Seattle, WA • 19.7k karma
I am obsessed with light, faces and connection. Capturing your family, your face or your event in the Seattle area. Visit my website and drop me a note so we can chat about your vision for your session.
Cumming, GA • 19.2k karma
I enjoy supporting all things L O C A L! There is nothing better than walking into a family owned, or locally owned restaurant, coffee shop, veterinarian (that's been serving the community for decades), or clothing shop that houses only the best local artists in your beloved area. I'm married and have 3 wonderful daughters! Life is FABULOUS!
Miami, FL • 19.1k karma
I speak English. Portuguese. French. Spanish. But love and laughter are my languages of life.
Bellevue, WA • 18.8k karma
Change is inevitable! Lived in Bellevue for over 30 years but now moved into a high rise - less vendors to deal with! :)
Miami, FL • 18.4k karma
Hello, I am a Miami resident that is passionate about my city. Always looking to showcase Miami in a positive light and help people with recommendations.
Vienna, VA • 18.0k karma
I'm a mom of a toddler who is trying to be eco-friendly. We love good products that help to make my little one more independent. I'm always looking for new recommendations about parks and activities to do with my little one.
Seattle, WA • 17.8k karma
I live in West Seattle with a passion for travel, a busy family life, volunteering evangelism and oh yeah, I help startups grow as my get paid job. I'm looking for a better way to get quality people to do projects around my house, to provide sound medical care for my family and for experiences to help me unwind and relax...because I need it!
Seattle, WA • 17.2k karma
I like this place.
Seattle, WA • 16.9k karma
Office Manager, Home Owner, general consumer of services.
Renton, WA • 16.0k karma
A software engineer who does far too much research for every decision he makes.
Seattle, WA • 15.9k karma
Originally from Turkey, I grew up in Ballard and Alki. Lived in 12 countries in 12 months and now I'm living the #freshchalklife!
Puyallup, WA • 15.8k karma
Fun | Outgoing | Love to network | Passionate about helping others reach their full potential
Franklin, IN • 15.7k karma
future vet tech 🐾
Los Angeles, CA • 15.3k karma
A true California native that loves to shop local and support small businesses. Currently, living in Hollywood, CA.
Seattle, WA • 14.9k karma
Creative writer who loves the Bachelor and everything trashy-pop-culture. Pure, unfiltered millennial.
Seattle, WA • 14.9k karma
Long time Capitol Hill resident with a snorty French bulldog.
Indianapolis, IN • 13.8k karma
Powder Springs, GA • 13.5k karma
Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga I enjoy living out my early 20s trying new restaurants and exploring new places with friends and family!
Mooresville, IN • 13.4k karma
Snohomish, WA • 12.2k karma
Hi there! My name is Nathan Kelly and I am the Business Development Manager for both PureClean Carpet Cleaning and PureDry Restoration. Whether you need the healthiest and most thorough cleaning you've ever experienced or if you find yourself dealing with a flood, sewage backup, or fire/smoke, feel free to reach out anytime I can be of service!
Seattle, WA • 11.7k karma
Austin, TX • 10.9k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 10.5k karma
New Carlisle, IN • 10.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 10.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 10.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 10.0k karma
Hope, IN • 9.8k karma
Boston, MA • 9.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 9.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 8.9k karma
Tacoma, WA • 8.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 8.7k karma
Seattle, WA • 8.6k karma
Lemont, IL • 8.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 8.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 8.2k karma
Seymour, IN • 8.2k karma
Austin, TX • 8.0k karma
Aurora, CO • 7.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 7.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 7.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 7.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 7.0k karma
Littleton, CO • 6.9k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 6.9k karma
Camby, IN • 6.8k karma
Austin, TX • 6.8k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 6.6k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 6.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 5.7k karma
Carmel, IN • 5.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 5.5k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 5.2k karma
Mooresville, IN • 5.1k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 5.0k karma
Alexandria, VA • 4.9k karma
Austin, TX • 4.8k karma
Avon, IN • 4.8k karma
Cloverdale, IN • 4.7k karma
Austin, TX • 4.7k karma
Lake Geneva, WI • 4.5k karma
Stilesville, IN • 4.4k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 4.4k karma
Rushville, IN • 4.4k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 4.3k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 4.3k karma
Sammamish, WA • 4.2k karma
Austin, TX • 4.2k karma
Greenwood, IN • 4.2k karma
Seattle, WA • 4.1k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 3.9k karma
Greenfield, IN • 3.9k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.9k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.4k karma
Lakeland, FL • 3.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.4k karma
Corona, CA • 3.3k karma
Englewood, CO • 3.2k karma
Westfield, IN • 3.1k karma
Markleville, IN • 3.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.9k karma
Atlanta, IN • 2.8k karma
Kirkland, WA • 2.7k karma
Woodinville, WA • 2.7k karma
Killeen, TX • 2.7k karma
Decatur, IN • 2.7k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.4k karma
Battle Ground, IN • 2.3k karma
New Palestine, IN • 2.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.2k karma
Lakeland, FL • 2.2k karma
Marlborough, MA • 2.1k karma
Tacoma, WA • 2.1k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 2.0k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 1.9k karma
Edinburgh, IN • 1.9k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 1.8k karma
Rosedale, IN • 1.8k karma
Saint Paul, IN • 1.8k karma
Martinsville, IN • 1.8k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 1.7k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 1.6k karma
Parker, CO • 1.5k karma
Terre Haute, IN • 1.4k karma
Anderson, IN • 1.3k karma
Dallas, TX • 1.2k karma
North Hollywood, CA • 1.2k karma
Terre Haute, IN • 1.2k karma
Westfield, IN • 1.2k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 1.1k karma
Bargersville, IN • 1.1k karma
Austin, TX • 1.1k karma
Brownsburg, IN • 1.1k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 1.1k karma
Zionsville, IN • 1.1k karma
Eaton, IN • 970 karma
Cedar Hill, TX • 970 karma
Crowley, TX • 920 karma
Queen Creek, AZ • 900 karma
Brook, IN • 820 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 820 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 810 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 800 karma
Terre Haute, IN • 800 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 770 karma
Whitestown, IN • 770 karma
Overland Park, KS • 750 karma
Greenwood, IN • 700 karma
Elkhart, IN • 700 karma
Westfield, IN • 700 karma
Carmel, IN • 690 karma
Noblesville, IN • 675 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 670 karma
Covington, LA • 650 karma
Crawfordsville, IN • 650 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 650 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 650 karma
Carmel, IN • 600 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 600 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 550 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 550 karma
Elmhurst, IL • 550 karma
Greenwood, IN • 500 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 450 karma
Westfield, IN • 450 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 450 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 450 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 450 karma
Avon, IN • 400 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 400 karma
Martinsville, IN • 400 karma
Shelbyville, IN • 400 karma
Fayetteville, GA • 350 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 350 karma
Greenfield, IN • 300 karma
Cincinnati, OH • 300 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 300 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 300 karma
Pendleton, IN • 300 karma
Franklin, IN • 300 karma
Fishers, IN • 300 karma
Brownsburg, IN • 250 karma
Noblesville, IN • 150 karma
Greenwood, IN • 150 karma
Noblesville, IN • 150 karma
Carmel, IN • 100 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 50 karma
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