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People followed by Preeti Viswanathan

Seattle, WA • 105.2k karma
Co-founder & CEO @ Fresh Chalk. Mom to two awesome kids and a pup. Montlake by day, Montlake by night.
Seattle, WA • 52.8k karma
Fresh Chalk founder and seeker of pros.
Seattle, WA • 26.3k karma
I love reviewing products on my blog
Mercer Island, WA • 23.8k karma
Entrepreneur (CEO FUEL TALENT) mom, dog-owner, and traveler, living on Mercer Island. Seattle born and bred but I have lived in SF and NYC.
Seattle, WA • 19.8k karma
CEO + Founder of SparkToro, Author of Lost & Founder, previously founder/CEO of Moz. Lifelong Seattlite.
Seattle, WA • 19.0k karma
I am an interior designer & organizer with a passion for helping busy families reclaim style and space in their homes on any budget. I deliver creative design, home organizing, and color consultation services which are family-focused, affordable and fun. I help you fall in love with your home!
Seattle, WA • 17.0k karma
Grew up in West Seattle and still here. Bought the house next door to my childhood home. Work in tech. I dig real estate (have a few Airbnb's) and have remodeled a few homes.
Seattle, WA • 16.4k karma
I like this place.
Seattle, WA • 16.4k karma
I live in West Seattle with a passion for travel, a busy family life, volunteering evangelism and oh yeah, I help startups grow as my get paid job. I'm looking for a better way to get quality people to do projects around my house, to provide sound medical care for my family and for experiences to help me unwind and relax...because I need it!
Seattle, WA • 16.3k karma
Live in Ravenna, and work on Queen Anne. Juggling: publishing a book, running a small business (brand strategy consulting), taking care of aging parents, and momming for a teen, a tween, and a very fat cat.
Seattle, WA • 11.7k karma
Entrepreneur, aspiring hand model, e-biker, 2nd best guacamole maker in King County, WA.
Seattle, WA • 10.1k karma
I'm the proud husband of Elizabeth, father of Andy & Dennis. E and I built that cabin in AK (pictured). I invented Vacuboom. I built a 2 million dollar a year WA painting business. I now work with Elizabeth, founder of the American Dance Institute. We've grown the school to 6 studios in 4 Seattle locations. I enjoy life and its adventures.
Seattle, WA • 8.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 6.8k karma
Dad. Vice President, Kindle at Amazon. StrongFirst Certified Team Leader. BJJ Blue Belt, 2 Black Belts, Lifelong Martial Artist.
Seattle, WA • 4.9k karma
Seattle, WA • 3.5k karma
Seattle based software developer, bike rider, and electronic musician.
Seattle, WA • 3.5k karma
Investor, Mom (to kids and dogs), Wife, and Capitol Hill resident
Langley, WA • 3.4k karma
I’m an executive coach who works with entrepreneurs who want to scale and corporate execs who want to adopt a growth mindset, become more nimble and entrepreneurial. Corporate execs looking to transition and do “the next thing” thing lovely “startup of you” approach and amazing connections to activate a network to find their next happy place.
Seattle, WA • 3.3k karma
Mother, Wife, Friend, Bosslady. I have 3 daughters at McGilvra Elementary and started my own technical recruiting firm, NOBLE Recruiting, with an office in Madison Park. I've been in tech recruiting since 2001 and strive to build my brand with efficiency and care. I am also head of house so I am extremely interested in home and life networking.
Sammamish, WA • 3.2k karma
Just a guy who loves cycling and wine.
Seattle, WA • 2.7k karma
Like so many, I'm balancing work, family and home. Throw a puppy into the mix. We have two 100 year old craftsman homes (one a rental) that constantly need upkeep. I'm thankful for my handy husband who can tackle most projects. I love my trusted pros who can respond quickly, provide top notch service - with good humor.
Bellevue, WA • 2.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.2k karma
Speaker, writer, women’s empowerment advocate, and athlete.
Bellevue, WA • 2.0k karma
Founder + CEO, PopSmartKids. Grew up in India, lived and worked in 12 different cities, Seattle is home now. Mom to 2 boys. Loves tech. Digital citizenship advocate. Foodie.
Seattle, WA • 2.0k karma
Investor, advisor, operator, cofounder, avid traveler, aka SEOmom.
Sammamish, WA • 1.4k karma
Managing Director at Cloud City Venture Capital
Seattle, WA • 1.2k karma
Seattle, WA • 950 karma
Seattle, WA • 790 karma
Seattle, WA • 300 karma
Sammamish, WA • 250 karma
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