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The best camping chairs of 2022

Emily Midgley - I cannot say enough good things about these Coleman chairs! We bought several of them for driveway gatherings. They have a built in zipper thermal pocket that holds 4 cans...or your cell phone :)
Carol Mullins - These chairs are very comfortable and sturdy. For concerts on lawns, or picnics, I love the fold out table and drink holder in the arms.
Glenn Howell - Good reliability and inexpensive.
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Natasha Willis - I got one of these to try out and really like it. We will buy more this season
Esther Kast - Having kids and grandkids in all sort of activities, these chairs are the best for my husband's and my old bones. Comfy and easy to pack up.
Kristy Morrison - I would highly recommend GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker Chair. We have several of these and the rocking element makes them so much more comfortable and the pockets in the arms are super handy.
Victoria Grinde - We have a few of these chairs and they come pretty much everywhere with us! We take them to concerts, sporting events, camping, etc. They are super comfortable, well made! Worth the investment!
Michael Stubbs - After using cheap, grocery store camp chairs or tripod stools for many years, I finally broke down and paid more money for a good camp chair. This one was a gift for my wife, and she loves it.

The camp chair is lightweight and packs down small. This makes it easy to keep in the back of the car f...
Josh Barnard - I like the REI Flexlite Camp Chair. They pack up small but aren't as easy/quick to setup as the larger ones that just pop open.
Debra Willendorf - I recommend the REI Flexlite chair. They have a couple different designs: Flexlite Boss and Flexlite Dreamer. I have a garage full of chairs that I don't use as they are too large and heavy and take up room. I love my flexlite chair. I just leave it in my van because it packs to small.
Preeti Suri - When traveling, we’re usually also bringing along bikes, scooters, and more, so we try to keep our gear as compact as possible. These ultralight and affordable chairs are perfect for car camping. They fold into a small bag and can easily be tucked away during the day, and then brought out in the ...
Ricklie Stone - Just got this one and with the swivel table, so good! Happy, Happy, Happy!
Bill Wiens - Both comfortable and durable, this is a great camp chair.
Ben Stull - A few years ago my wife and I stayed at an airbnb in Hawaii that had Tommy Bahama beach chairs and we loved them enough to buy a pair and haven't looked back. They're a little low to the ground so may not be great for folks with bad knees or backs, but they're super comfy, light, and easy to carry.

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