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The best cleaning cloths of 2021

Victoria Grinde - I love all my Norwex products .... Especially the pads! They are soft and dont scratch delicate surfaces :)
Kei Castillo - Norwex is great because you really can clean with JUST WATER! great for homes with kids, pets, or sensitive allergies! Throw away your cleaners!! :D
Brooke Piszczor - Love my Norwex collection towels for the kitchen, kiddos faces & bathrooms! The window towel is truly unbelievable it cleans windows & mirrors!
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Mary Lesh, Natalie Steck and 1 other
Emily Midgley - We use the Swiffer pads to easily sweep the kitchen and bathroom floors. Definitely a go-to staple for the cleaning supply closet.
Mariella Tamayo - Picks up all pet hair and even my hair off the floor. Great for quick and easy clean ups.
Meena Caputo - This is super convenient for wet spills and they have soaked cloths for dry/sticky messes!
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Dakota Stern - Eliminate grease, grime, fingerprints, food spills, and more with these high-quality microfiber cleaning cloths. I use them for my car and I couldn't be happier. They're both easy to use and to clean.
Mandi Pacer - We are trying to cut back on our paper towel use and waste in my household, so these have become a great replacement for hard surface cleaning. We use them for dusting, cleaning up the granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and throughout the bathroom. We simply throw them in the washe...
Shannon Garbaccio - In the age of paper towel shortages, these things are essentials! They are little kitchen work horses. They dry super quick so you can use over and over. And you can toss in the washer.....easy peasy!
Susan Stocker - Microfiber cloths absorb dirt and dust particles easily without scratching surfaces. I keep these reusable cloths on hand to use on edge wood floors and wipe down countertops.

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