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The best coffee pods of 2022

Victoria Grinde - So I may have a slight addiction to Starbucks so these make a great addition to my Nespresso capsules collection.
Clau C - Starbucks doesn't disappoint! My husband is a heavy Nespresso coffee drinker and these are good quality/price alternative to the Nespresso original pods.
Laura Wilkinson - If you own a Nespresso maker and like Starbucks - get these now! They sell them at Target stores and the price per cup can't be beat!
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Zoe Gregorace - I absolutely LOVE these reusable K-Cups because I have the flexibility to use any typeof ground coffee that I want! If you have a Keurig, you have t get your hands on these!
Kali Thompson - really easy to put your coffee in and stick into a keurig!!
larissa Cole - If you don’t already have one, I totally recommend just getting a reusable cup that you can fill with any coffee you please. I like them because it still allows me to make a single serving, while being mindful of waste and the amount of space traditional pods can take up in my cabinets.
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Elissa Tompkins - I like Cameron’s coffee pods. Different flavors and completely compostable!
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Cindy Hawkins - When I want to make a quick cup of delicious coffee, I use these pods in my Hamilton Beach coffee maker.
Julie Joyce - This is a limited edition Starbucks flavor out currently, and it is so good!! The smell alone helps me wakeup!
Cindy Hawkins - When I want to cut down on the caffeine in my coffee, I choose these pods. This delicious brew is found at Walmart!
Carly Canter - I buy "Boyd's Good Morning Coffee - Medium Roast - Single Cup, 12 Count" on Amazon! They are in sustainable packaging and taste AMAZING! I prefer their medium roast myself, but they do offer a darker roast too!
Dakota Stern - This multi-functional use coffee pod cutter is a safe alternative to manually breaking apart pods or using sharp tools or razors that dull over time to remove the foil top.
Hillary Hellesto - I'm a huge fan of the Kona Macademia pods. All of their coffee is great.

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