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The best drinks of 2022

Zoe Gregorace - Love these for the summer! Pineapple, Peach and Watermelon are my favorite flavors :)
Kira Carney - Y'all! This is my go to when at outdoor events. I love the simple flavors: like lime.
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James Midgley - Riptide Rush is the best flavor of all time.
Bethany Kessler - I drink these after a long day at kennel. Helps me stay hydrated. Good 10/10.
miah russell - Keeps my hydrated at the gym!
Morgan Keith - I don’t like the tea in the jug, but in a cold can it’s the best!
James Midgley - Arizona Green Tea is my go-to summer drink.
Megan Sammons - This is my favorite green tea to drink! It is sweet but not to sweet.
Julie Joyce - My new favorite flavor!
Laura Wilkinson - Love love this flavor... Add a lemon slice & maybe some vodka.. and you are good to go!
Brenda Ladd - Clean and tasty in a good way.
Michael Lafears - This is my favorite flavored water.
Adisyn Smith - The only flavored water i will drink its super light tasting.
Joyce Ling - Great coffee alternative. It's typically consumed cold, from a can. One can has about 80-120mg of caffeine, whereas a cup of coffee of the same size has about 176mg of caffeine, so it has less caffeine than coffee but has more than tea. If coffee makes you jittery, this might be a good medium.
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Mandi Pacer - I consider myself an Iced Tea Connoisseur and I am extremely picky when I eat out at restaurants when it comes to the tea being freshly brewed vs. coming out of a soda machine from a premade mix. I thought finding a bottle tea that mimics the real thing would be damn near impossible until I tried...
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Zoe Gregorace - Love this product! Tastes awesome and is great to use in cocktails
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Nancy Gillespie - These are great to add to water or ice tea. No after taste. No artificial ingredients. These packets are great to have in your purse too.
They make other citrus flavors as well. Available on Amazon.
Mariella Tamayo - My go to alkaline water! Helps with my PH levels and great tasting water.
Patricia Burnett - This product is the best substitute for juice and soda! Flavored water with some fizz is tasty! Great taste, no sugar or calories! They have various flavors to choose from, and they are usually $1 each, so in the store, I buy 5 for $5. Amazing!
Karline Nogales - The perfect drink for this warm weather - very refreshing. ☺️
Kei Castillo - Delicious and tastes like you're at the beach! One of the few drinks with coconut I like because it tastes real and fresh! No artificial sweetners, either!
Julie Joyce - I like the Izzes for my kids because they are 70% fruit juice with sparkling water added to give it fizz. Lots of tasty flavors so there is something for everyone.
Nadia L'Bahy - This is by far the best ginger beer I've ever had. It's spicier than it is sweet, and very low in calories without any fake sweeteners. I also love that it's packaged in glass instead of plastic.
Michael Lafears - New flavor in the Bodyarmor sports drink collection. I enjoy Bodyarmor over Gatorade
Mandi Pacer - I cannot be the only one who has discovered that this drink made for children is also the ultimate hangover and sleep deprivation elixir. When I come home from a long day and failed to stay up on water consumption I often get crazy migraines from the dehydration. This drink has been a lifesaver, ...
Kei Castillo - Deliciously spicy new take on the classic Ginger Beer! Perfect for mixing or pouring over ice. Cheers!
Alex Scheman - don't sleep on pink lemonade crystal light as a mixer with vodka & water 🔥

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