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The best foods of 2022

Mandi Pacer - We always have these noodles in our pantry! Pro tip trick we like to change out the called for milk for butter instead, it results in a thicker/creamier mac & cheese.
Elissa Tompkins - I love the real ingredients in Annie’s Mac and cheese. While I eat the vegan kind, my kids love this one!
Natasha Willis - I love all of annies products
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Elexa Martinez - Our go to grain free tortilla chip. With multiple members of my family having corn and gluten sensitivities we have found Siete Family Food products to be some of our favorites. We buy the super large bags at Costco and we use them for salsa, dips. hummus and on their own. They provide that perfe...
Cindy Hawkins - These grain-free tortilla chips are high on our list of favorites! We buy ours at Costco!
Kristie Presten - These are low on carbs and high on flavor! The best deal for the biggest bag is at Costco!
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Mandi Pacer - I am a sucker for a good bagel and when I cannot make a trip to Einsteins, I'll opt for a yummy breakfast sandwich at home. I prefer the skinny bagels over the traditional as they don't weigh me down all day and less calories. I like to load these up with cream cheese, avocado spread, eggs, bacon...
Mikaila McLane - I love using these to satisfy my bagel craving with a slightly healthier option. Great toasted with cream cheese and topped with salami, tomato, and fresh ground black pepper!
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Natasha Willis - Tastes just like the real deal, I love it
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Paula Claure - This is great granola, my son loves it! It has a lot of grains and a great flavor.
Romer Garcia - Great taste! My son loves it, its a great way to get him to eat whole grains
Mario Ovando Claure - Great flavor
Victoria Grinde - This Couscous Parmesan is one of our favorite flavors and goes well with lots of dishes! So YUMMMY!
Mandi Pacer - This side has been in the weekly dinner rotation for a few years now. We like to put it in bowls, pair it with fresh mixed salads, and combine it with hearty proteins. It's a perfect alternative to starchy pasta or rice and it is gluten free!
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Kristie Presten - So many great health benefits with this stuff. I add it to my 34 ounce water cup along with some liquid stevia and minced ginger! Yum!
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Emily Midgley - Nature's Own 100% whole wheat bread is the most popular bread in my household. Everyone loves it!
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Clau C - We're not big fans of frozen pizza but this one is so good! I'm so happy we decided to give it a try. You can taste the truffle and comes with a generous portion of mushrooms. A winner!
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Victoria Grinde - If you like dumplings you will really like these! Even though they are vegan they taste just like the dumplings you would order at a restaurant. They are so yummy. Found them at Target.
Nadia L'Bahy - We just got these at Market Basket the other night and ate them in a curry--so good!
Nadia L'Bahy - Great in anything that needs butter! I like that it stays soft even when refrigerated
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Nadia L'Bahy - This stuff is extremely healthy, full of protein and fiber. You do have to keep it in the freezer or it will go bad quickly
Tracy Flack - Healthy whole grain bread packed with protein. I recommend storing it in the freezer as it goes bad quicker than normal bread.
Julie Joyce - I use this ground turkey quite a bit in pasta dishes. The links have a nice Italian spice to it and my kids think it’s great. I use this in two dishes that my daughter says are her favorites. It freezes well if you don’t use it all in one dish.
Danielle Williams - This is a great sausage! Also really tasty in Zupa soup!
Julie Joyce - Our newest Trader Joe’s obsession!! We went through the first pack of six in two days. Bought two packs last time we went. As good as they sound. Even better toasted with cream cheese.
Nadia L'Bahy - These are chewy, a little salty, and really good
Zoe Gregorace - Love this frozen food! I love heating this up for dinner with some additional veggie or even tofu/tempeh
Tracy Flack - I love this quinoa blend, it's great on it's own or adding extra veggies and protein for a healthy quick meal.
Tracy Flack - A decadent flatbread that's truly restaurant quality!
Sara Sohnly - Perfect balance between the intense truffle flavor and soft mushroom flavor. I like that it works for lunch or dinner and I typically like to split with someone but Im sure some people could eat all of it. Also very cheesy which is always good for pizza!
Anja Castillo - No artificial ingredients and comes with wild blueberries! Really tasty
Anja Castillo - High-smoke-point oil that has a distinctly garlicky taste. Save some time and skip the peeling, chopping and sauteeing of the garlic and just use this! I love it on everything! Super flavorful!
Elissa Tompkins - I grind these up in my processor and use them in my kids' favorite muffins. They give a sweet, nutty flavor that is nearly undetectable and add 10-20 Grams of protein to the muffin mix. I feel better about letting my kids have a muffin for breakfast when I know it has some protein in it.
Anja Castillo - Both infused and naturally flavored, this oil adds a really nice truffle taste to anything. I recommend it on mac n cheese!

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