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The best gardening accessories of 2023

Victoria Grinde - I love growing herbs with our Aerogarden! I am trying hard not to buy more to grow more herbs and tomatoes. It's nice to have access to fresh herbs year-round. It is a great addition to you other indoor gardening projects!
Cindy Sersig - I bought the Aerogarden after seeing the recommendations here on Fresh Chalk. I planted lettuce, tomato, basil and mint. The basil and lettuce are growing so fast! the tomato and mint are coming along just fine. I love that the sensor tells me when to add plant food and water. I love that it has ...
Julie Joyce - Such a fun way to grow herbs indoors. The kids really enjoy it because they can help set it up, and watch it grow day by day. Fresh herbs year round.
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Carol Mullins - My favorite tool for the yard and beyond. A.M. Leonard Soil Knife. Use it to dig, separate roots, plant bulbs, cut through plastic pots, weed and more.
Susan Smith - This is great! Thank you for the recommendation.
Diana Nommay - This is my favorite gardening tool also. I always have it with me when I am outside working in my garden or my yard. It does just about everything.
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Cindy Hawkins - These are so decorative as well as functional!
Susan Smith - I agree. These are great.
Soledad Gonzalez - This is a great product for plant people. You can leave for a trip and ensure that your plants will have enough water for a couple of weeks (depending on the size).
Victoria Grinde - Get yourself this set! It is the best thing ever!!
Susan Smith - This is a a great way to keep everything organized and have everything you need in front of you.
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Carol Mullins - Good quality and consistent results from Miracle Grow for flower baskets, houseplants and newly planted shrubs.
Susan Smith - My go to every year!
Erin Lee - I have used a "Grampa's Weeder" for years. I love it!
Susan Smith - This makes weeding very easy!!
Test Out - Keep this by the door especially when there's snow outside to keep from snow melting all over my floors. Also great with people who have kids to keep mud and other outside debris from going all over the place.
JaNae Haycock - These trays are awesome! They are truly an essential item if you are starting seeds indoors. I can fit 36 two inch soil blocks comfortably in one tray with just the right amount of space in between them. The trays are also great for holding plants I've potted up to 4", 6", or gallon size containe...
Victoria Grinde - Wanted to share this kid oriented garden club with everyone! I love gardening! I enrolled my 6yr old in it and can't wait to see what she gets to do and learns!
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Cindy Hawkins - I recently snagged this hose hangar designed with the Star of Texas, at Walmart. It matches our Lonestar park bench and planter with the same design. It is rust-resistant with a powder-coated finish. I am very happy with this purchase!
Carol Mullins - I have one on each hose spigot in the summer. Once a week feeding with this Garden Feeder loaded with the Miracle Grow Fertilizer keeps my plants happy.
JaNae Haycock - If you start seeds indoors and you are tired of using cell trays and peat pots, give soil blocking a try! I have found that seeds started in soil blocks grow stronger roots that are less susceptible to transplant shock. The Ladbrooke soil blocker's thick metal does not bend and it washes off easi...
JaNae Haycock - I love Fiskers brand tools. They never break or bend. The only problem is that my kids steal them to dig in the sandbox and then I can't find them anywhere! This set comes with a trowel, a spade, and a cultivator. The trowel is wide and it's great for scooping dirt and soil amendments. The spade,...
Erin Lee - Our garden grows in these raised garden beds. Love the blue color and they were really easy to assemble!
Carol Mullins - For small branches and easy cuts, you can’t beat the Stihl folding saw. The quality is evident when you pick it up. Use it to cut through girdling roots before planting that tree. Then use it for all your gardening needs, from cutting large limbs on your shrubs to broken branches after a storm.
Carol Mullins - Sometimes you just need a little padding under your knees when pulling weeds or planting. This kneeler is just the right size with and the handle opening makes it easy to carry.
JaNae Haycock - These handy pruners are perfect for light duty gardening. They are very sharp and comfortable to grip. I use them to snip herbs, lettuce and other vegetables when ready to harvest, to remove damaged leaves, and to cut back plants that are overgrown. With a lifetime warranty, you've got nothing to...
JaNae Haycock - I use these clips to fasten row covers to my hoops. They are easy to snap on and off, which is great since I often take the covers off in the daytime and put them back up at night in the spirng and fall. These clips don't tear the fabric like some other clips that I have used. Make sure you check...
JaNae Haycock - In Denver, the growing season is short and it's not uncommon to get a snow storm in May or September. Row covers providing frost protection have been essential to my backyard veggie garden success. They allow me to plant earlier in the spring and harvest well past those early fall frosts. They al...
JaNae Haycock - As I have shared my love of gardening with my children over the years, we bought countless sets of garden tools for small hands, but they never lasted very long. That all changed when I bought this hand tool set from Ikea for my daughter five years ago. It is perfect for kids. I was skeptical of ...

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