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The best hair conditioners of 2022

Molly Pearcy - Lovely scent and gets all the tangles out of my little ones hair.
Kira Carney - The family I nanny for uses this for their kids and I highly recommend it.
Hilda Jacquemin - the almond sweet smell is delicious and i love that you can use this on wet AND dry hair for a refresh!
Kei Castillo - Great product that really hydrates without weighing down your hair! First time in years my curls have looked this great!
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Jade Hodo - I have passed this product on the self a million times at Target. I finally decided to get it a few weeks ago and I love it. Ms Taraji knows what she is doing! This conditioner is amazing it moisturizes my hair like no other and smells amazing. It smells fresh and clean like deodorant for your ha...
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Mariella Tamayo - My favorite condioner that my hair stylist recommended for dry scalp! Great natural product that leaves your hair super healthy!
Ashley Reyes - Love this shampoo. At the very first moment you place shampoo in your hair you feel it already working and smells good
Jade Hodo - This is a great hair mask. It is also from a black-owned company. It smells like Christmas cookies which might be my favorite part. It very thick and hydrating so if you have dry hair like me this is for you!
Mandi Pacer - Shh... don't tell my hairstylist about this, she'll have a field day, but this product has worked so well for me for many years now. I know you aren't supposed to buy drugstore shampoos and conditioners as they are full of parabens and sulfates, but this is one I will never not have. My hair is d...
Brittany Menestrina - I forgot to pack my shampoo and conditioner on a trip recently and picked this up from the market. For years I've spent so much money on my shampoo and conditioner thinking that if I didn't that it wouldn't work or damage my hair.... well let me tell you! DOVE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!

This li...
Emily Midgley - We use this along with the Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo! It smells so good and leaves hair soft.
Cindy Hawkins - The perfect conditioner for thicker, fuller hair.
Elexa Martinez - This conditioner pairs so nicely with the shampoo. It is also not too heavy and does not weigh my hair down or speed up the oily process. But is does make my hair feel super soft and shiny. It is definitely my new daily use conditioner.
Cindy Sersig - I’m always looking for products with little to no chemicals and ways to avoid extra plastics. I ordered the Peach Conditioner Bar from Grove. It’s for fine and flat hair. It smells delicious, easy to use and my hair feels much fuller!
Mandi Pacer - I am a pretty low key gal that doesn't fuss with getting "all dolled up" every day, so this leave in conditioner has been a dream come true. It leaves my hair silky, smooth and smelling rich after showering the night before. My comb brushes through my hair like a breeze when I apply this product ...

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