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The best journals of 2023

Victoria Grinde - Amazing!! I would have paid twice the price for this journal strictly based on its quality... Just beautiful!!! Super strong binding, lovely durable tough covers.. I am so in love with these Journals!
Amazing Value!
Amber Neuhold - this is a great journal that makes it fun to write in
recommended by
Elexa Martinez - I got this for my mom for mothers day and she really liked it, The kids and I can't wait to read all she has to share.
Brittany Menestrina - I found this great book on Amazon a few nights ago. It lets your Mom fill in prompts so that you can get to know her better!
Cindy Hawkins - I received this as a Mother's Day gift and it is so special and important to record life memories to be passed down to future generations!
Victoria Grinde - I love this journal. I have had an extremely hard time just “dealing” with everything life was throwing my way. I was becoming a bitter, angry and jealous person. I took a break from social media and ordered this journal. It has made the biggest difference for me. I am so much more aware of what ...
Christina Nelson - If you're just getting started on your journaling-journey, this little book is perfect for you. The journal provides daily prompts to do both in the morning and at night so that you can reflect on positive moments throughout your day. After adding this to my daily routine, journaling has become o...
Meena Caputo - I'm obsessed with this!
Dakota Stern - This journal comes with a beautiful antique closure on the leather wrap around. It's great for long notations, memoirs, and short stories.
Amber Neuhold - this is a nice journal that has many pages and looks cool
Amber Neuhold - This is a journal that you get to destroy when you are done with it very empowering
Madison Mutziger - I love writing in this journal! So cute!
Adam Doppelt - I bought one of these based on a recommendation from a friend. I'm glad I listened! Though I am usually sitting in front of a keyboard, I always have paper nearby for taking notes or even just doodling my way through a meeting.

These notebooks are high quality and reasonably priced. The spiral i...
Steve Dossick - This is a great line of project or idea notebooks that are great for writing or sketching ideas in. I generally buy a new one for every new project as I get started!
Melissa Gallagher - If you or someone you know is an Idea Person, this notebook is such a gift to have. I wake in the night with crazy dreams of businesses I want to open, nonprofits to start, and products to invent. Hatch helps me organize those ideas and flesh them out in a helpful way. I've referred back to it ye...
Amber Neuhold - a nice hardback journal that is easy to write in.
Melissa Gallagher - I used this journal early on while opening my business. It was so helpful to keep my goals and priorities organized, not just my schedule. It forces you to take the time to celebrate wins, assess your happiness, review your goals, all while still having room for planning and helpful tips. Plus, I...
Victoria Kast - This journal is literally the exact tool I've been looking for. As an entrepreneur I've tried many different journals such as Passion Planner, 10x Planner by Grant Cardone, and your typical Walmart planners.
Karline Nogales - Keep your secrets safe! Lightweight and well-made journal with combination lock. I love it!
Amber Neuhold - I love locked journals this makes it easy to hide what you dont want people looking at
Lindsey S - This sweet journal for the young artists and authors is a fun way to allow kiddos to express their creativity through writing, drawing, and coloring.
Sara Latronica - Great journal for kids. My 7 year old had a great time reading the quotes, as well as adding her own stories and pictures. Super cute and inexpensive.
Erin Lee - Love these handmade journals created from discarded books! You can even build your own custom journal from your favorite book, great gift for yourself or the book lover in your life!
Amber Neuhold - These journals are so cool. They are made from old books.
Carly Canter - For all your field work needs, this paper is the only paper that will withstand water. Whether its rain water or you drop your journal in the lake while your taking samples, it does the job!
Victoria Grinde - This Leather Journal features a warm, antique look as well as a closure and tie that keeps its contents under wraps. Makes you feel a bit sophisticated haha. Makes a great gift.
Joyce Ling - This is an incredible one-line journal by Gretchen Rubin that I've been writing in every single day for the past 3 years. Every day, I write a few sentences about the day. Each day has five entries, so with one glance you can see what you've done that day for the past five years! This is one of m...
Kira Carney - This journal is so nice to use when you're feeling stressed or have a chaotic couple of days a head of you. You record how you plan to take care of yourself that day, and are prompted to write about an act of kindness, a moment of gratitude, etc. You then write what you want to focus on tomorrow ...
Allison H - I love this journal - it's clean, simple, and comes in beautiful colors.
Meena Caputo - I love these for my daily devotional, mind dump and prayer!
Anja Castillo - Awesome creativity-oriented journal that highlights the connection between cannabis and creativity. Really cool activities to get the creative brain going!
Ana Fanakra - Published by, this journal offers daily gratitude exercises to help you remember all the good things in your life. Its been a huge help to me over thus last year, and has really gelled shift my focus. Highly recommended for self improvement work.

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