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The best lighting of 2022

Patricia Burnett - LED Strips, Gen Z, loves them (and I speak from experience). I have these lights in my room, and I change color to what I am feeling. It'll make everything feel like a movie! I just purchased my second box to decorate my living room, and my mother loved it as well!
Kali Thompson - i absolutely love these, i have them in my room, they're fun to have on and to also use since my room is really dark even with the lights on!
Alyssa Lehrer - Cool if you want to be like a tiktoker
Elexa Martinez - Another great tween and teen gift idea. We got our 10 year old these and she just loves them. They do all the different colors and were easy to set up!
Blake Alvarado - i love all the color, red especially!!!
Sara Latronica - Cute Christmas decoration that projections Halloween and Christmas pictures into your window. My kids liked the pumpkins for Halloween and a Santa for Christmas
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Cindy Hawkins - We saw this advertised on TV and decided to try it. It really is BRIGHT! Now we don't have to carry a flashlight around in the garage to look for something!
Sara Marie - I just installed this myself over Christmas Break and I love it! I would definitely go with this brand again. It was easy to install and the directions were simple.
Mariella Tamayo - I put this under my kitchen island to give it some lights under neath! It changes colors and everything!
Mandi Pacer - Purchased a set of these off Amazon and they add a nice flair to my boutique. The string of lights has 16 different, distinct colors and you can use the remote for scheduling and to change the patterns of lights. I like that they are plug in and not battery operated, too!
Julie Joyce - We got these for our daughter for Christmas and they are perfect for an 11 year old girl. You can hang pictures from the sturdy, clear clips. As the name suggests, it lights up and you can change the pattern of the flashing lights with the remote control.
Paula Claure - My son loves this lamp, if you use it with a smart light bulb can be turned into a super cute fixture that changes colors.
Patricia Burnett - Love golden hour! Now with this lamp, you can have a nice sunset vibe in your room! I have one myself, and it makes my room very relaxing; light up your favorite candle and turn on your music. It is a vibe!
Molly Pearcy - Our half bath was in desperate need for an update! The Climsland 3-Light Vanity light was just the update we needed. I love the light it provides for the room.
Allison H - Fantastic studio lights - I use these for photographing artwork - would also be good for portraits.
Linh Tu - Love using these to take pictures of my nails and crafting for my business.

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