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The best protein & smoothie powders of 2022

Carol Mullins - Adding to my morning smoothie. I recommend it for anyone recovering from surgery or needing an extra boost of protein because of diet restrictions.
Molly Pearcy - I put Orgain Vanilla Protein Powder in mine and my kids fruit smoothies to add extra flavor and protein. It blends extremely well with the fruit with no aftertaste.
Cindy Hawkins - I like Orgain because it contains so many healthy organic ingredients with organic stevia to add a little sweetness. The Vanilla flavor is so versatile so I like to add fresh berries too!
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Carly Canter - This is my favorite protein powder to add to my Peanut Butter, Chocolate Banana smoothies! It tastes natural and doesn't leave me with a weird after taste either!
Kei Castillo - This vega powder was really good, imo because it didn't have any added sweetner like the others, so I could sweeten how I wanted w/ honey, agave, etc.
Emily Law - I love adding this to smoothies!
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Zoe Gregorace - I've been using this supplement as a part of morning routine for years now! I love frothing a scoop in my morning coffee or even added it to a smoothie/ protein shake. No taste and provides a nice dose of protein to whatever you're adding it to!
Carly Canter - Love, love, LOVE this stuff! I put it in all my smoothies to help carry me through the day. Best value is from Costco! $29.99 for 24oz, sounds expensive but worth every penny.
Emily Law - This helps out with so many problems that I have
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Nora Burdge, Melinda Burk and 1 other
Carly Canter - I bought this off of high recommendation by Christina on Fresh Chalk. I am horrible some days on getting enough fresh fruit or veggies and this has really helped me out. It offers 2 full servings of both, and It tastes good too! I got mine on Amazon subscribe and save for super inexpensive!
Christina Nelson - Fresh Chalk led me to this green powder and now I always start my day with a serving! I love that it contains two servings of fruits and veggies and it blends well into my favorite smoothies. I've even tried mixing it into green tea. The flavor is surprisingly pleasant and doesn't have a funky af...
Kelsey Lockard - I love taking the Amazing Grass Green Superfood first thing in the morning. You get 2 full servings of fruits and vegetables. The taste is actually pretty good and both myself and my boyfriend think that our skin has gotten healthier after drinking this for a few months. Nice healthy way to jump ...
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Brittany Menestrina - Really love this product but I only like the Vanilla. The other flavors are a bit chalky for me!
Cindy Hawkins - I have also tried this protein powder and I like the Vanilla flavor the best! This is available at Walmart.
Mariella Tamayo - Vanilla flavor is the best because you can mix it with other things! Doesn't make me feel bloated!
Victoria Grinde - This is one of my top 3 favorite protein powders! Easy to drink. Mixes well. Doesn't taste like your swallowing cardboard.
Cindy Sersig - I’ve tried a few different protein shakes and I always go back to this one. It’s not gritty like some I’ve tried. It mixes very well. It comes in a few different flavors. My favorite is tropical strawberry.
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Holly Jean - Love this stuff! Owyn Plant Protein Powder: The best!
Madison Mutziger - my FAVORITE protein powder to use! plus no weird ingredients
Victoria Grinde - I will alternate this powder in between my regular powders. Great tasting! I love anything with Turmeric in it, so I grabbed this powder up!
Abiola Akanni - Superfood essentials that boost your body from the inside out! They’re a must for morning lattes & smoothie bowls. They even have superfood face masks.
Meena Caputo - Love this flavor!
Natalie Mosseri - Such a great protein option! Love the flavor
Madison Mutziger - My favorite all-time flavor protein powder!
Karline Nogales - My choice after exercising. My favorite flavor is vanilla ice cream, and I usually mix it with almond milk.
Victoria Grinde - I like to change up the shakes I drink and the GNC Total Lean Lean Shake is one of my favorite go-to's. The chocolate version is my favorite.
Emily Midgley - The chocolate flavor is a staple in our household. Not too chalky and great after a workout.
Alex Scheman - Caffeine + protein = pure bliss
Melissa Acosta - I love this plant-based protein! Not too sweet, but a delicious coffee flavor.
Karline Nogales - Yes, you need this! Bone broth has many benefits for our gut, skin, and immune function. Therefore, I add a scoop of this delicious product to my daily smoothie.
Cindy Hawkins - I love this protein smoothie powder because it has the organic protein blend, probiotic and enzymes, and amino acids. Zero sugar and 20 grams of protein per scoop! Vanilla is my favorite flavor.

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