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The best snacks of 2023

Cindy Sersig - This is a delicious snack! Kid approved!
Laura Wilkinson - These are sooooo good. I love the texture and they have just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy those cravings.
Sara Latronica - So Yummy!
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Victoria Grinde - My kids love to snack on these! I won't lie ... so do I. They are yummy and I don't feel bad for letting them have a handful or two hahaha
Molly Pearcy - These cute little cinnamon cookies taste great. We purchase a tub of these for road trips with our kids. When they were little I used the cookies for a fun alphabet game to entertain them during the drive. Now that they are older we use them to practice spelling and reading new words while on the...
Laura Wilkinson - You don't have to be a kid or have kids to love these cookies. Packed with healthy cinnamon, these cookies are great on their own and make great dippers for sweet dips as well as a light snack. Kepp them on hand at all times!
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Elissa Tompkins - My family loves these! They’re like a healthier version of Doritos and are very addicting to eat!
Laura Wilkinson - These chips are so light and flavorful. Try using some to make a "tortilla" taco salad... These chips add just the right amount of crispiness and flavor to take a taco salad to the next level.
Keenan Tompkins - These are my favorite things to get at TJs
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Elexa Martinez - These are my families go to gluten free cracker for homemade lunches, snacking and entertainment. They go so good on any meat and cheese board and are always in our pantry. The hint of sea salt is just the right amount. I prefer them over the original.
Mandi Pacer - All my gluten-free friends, listen up! These crackers are my absolute favorite and I don't mind paying a bit more to avoid "the gluten fog" I get with any other traditional crackers. My favorites are Country Ranch and Cheddar Cheese. They are great pairings with cheese, salami and wine!
Cindy Hawkins - These are a staple in our pantry!
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Mandi Pacer - Looking for a sweet afternoon indulgence? Low-calorie and guilt-free sweetness found in this snack!
Laura Wilkinson - I love the combination of salty & sweet snacks, especially kettle corn. This is a guilt-free snack and everyone loves it. Its also fun to mix with other popcorn flavors like cheddar popcorn for a unique mix.
Test Out - My absolute favorite popcorn! Eating these make me feel leas guilty after because the total carbs are sooo low and the sodium!
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Emily Midgley - Yes these are so delicious! I love them for a road trip snack!
Laura Wilkinson - These are so good. Sweet and salty and makes the perfect snack. Try eating them frozen and using them as toppers for ice cream sundaes or crushed up on top of brownies!
Sara Latronica - Great snack for adults and kids! Made with tasty chocolate and crunchy pretzels!
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Victoria Grinde - Everyone needs these in their lives! So good. I have a couple probably every day :)
Cindy Hawkins - These snacks are made with coconut milk and cocoa. They are so yummy, light and crispy with a mango flavor. Gluten-free!
Laura Wilkinson - I shop at Sprouts at least once a week and have to have these on hand at all times. They are so light and crispy without being overly sweet. Great with sorbet and ice cream too!
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Mandi Pacer - On the go breakfast or an afternoon sweet and salty pick-me-up snack, these are always in my pantry or at my shop!
Susan Smith - these are delicious!!
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Victoria Grinde - OMG these are like crack! So yummy and they have a few other flavors. It is hard not to eat a whole bag!
Mandi Pacer - Picked up a package of these, both original and honey mustard, and almost finished them in one snacking! They go great with any type of dip (artichoke, spinach, cheese)
Lindsey S - These disappear quickly in our household! So yummy and comes in different flavors but always default to the original.
Emily Midgley - I love how light and crunchy Pirates Booty is!
Elexa Martinez - These are a staple for my family. These baked corn and rice puffs with real cheese are so delicious and my whole family enjoys snacking on them and they are perfect for school lunches as well.
Cindy Hawkins - These are so tasty and cheesy, but best of all, gluten-free!
Victoria Grinde - OMG - found these at Costco! These veggie crisps are super yummy. My kids even love them over their other snack crackers.
Laura Wilkinson - This crunchy snack is a great way to sneak in more veggies and not feel snack guilty. I love that they are so accessible on Amazon and at some stores. They taste great on their own and with dips and cheeses.
Esther Kast - My daughter bought me some of these to try. They are so yummy. Costco doesn't always seem to have them so when I went last time, I bought 3 bags.
Laura Wilkinson - These are perfected baked and seasoned and make the perfect dippers for any flavor of hummus or dip. They also make a nice alternative to tortilla chips for Greek nachos. Give it a try!
Patricia Burnett - These chips with some hummus are my favorite snack to munch on while watching a show!
Mikaila McLane - These are great with hummus or alone! Not too thick and perfectly crispy!
James Midgley - Great for car trips or just a crunchy cheesy snack.
miah russell - Best Snack ever!
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Carol Mullins - These are sooo good but hard to eat one serving. I love the TJ descriptor: "They put the crack in cracker." If you haven't yet, get a box and try these.
Laura Wilkinson - These crackers can sometimes be hard to find because they always sell out, but if you see them, grab a box or two. They are great with most dips and I love to serve them with warmed brie cheese. They are also delicious all by themselves.
Emily Law - Such a good snack!
Allison H - Hu makes single chocolate bars too - my favorite is the cashew butter.
Natasha Willis - Love these chocolate bars. They sell them at wholefoods so I always pick a couple up
Carolina Link - Sooooo delicious and made with clean ingredients!
Victoria Grinde - I have to buy these in the Costco size since my kids love them so much! Makes for a grate snack and I even with eat them from time to time. Very tasty!
Mandi Pacer - I don't often eat breakfast at home since I am always running out the door late. These bars fill me up until lunch or I have them as an afternoon snack to hold me over until dinner. Besides the Golden Oat, I also dig the Blueberry flavor. Pick them up in the breakfast cereal aisle.
James Midgley - Go-to snack. Spicy goodness.
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Emily Midgley - This is our go-to popping corn! Love the flavor and it does a great job popping. Just add butter & salt!
Larry Garcia - Love it
Mandi Pacer - These salty snacks come in a variety of fun spicy, savory, and sweet flavors perfect for afternoon grazing!
Mark Taylor II - If you love Pistachios and want to get straight to the meat… or rather, nut, they’re quite convenient and mess free since they don’t have shells. You can even reseal the bag up if you can resist the urge to eat them all. I have a hard time not eating them all in one sitting 😅
Elissa Tompkins - Chips made from peas! Gluten free and they also have a few dairy free options. My favorite is the fiery hot crunchy curls that are my substitute for Hot Cheetos!
Liz Stella - I guarantee you'll find it hard to stop eating these once you open a packet! Tastes better than Funyuns with a lot less junk.

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