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The best socks of 2022

Emily Midgley - Smart Wool socks are my go-to brand. I like that they having different styles that are thick or thin. They keep my feet warm and comfy.
Carol Mullins - I love smart wool. The fit, reinforced toes and heal plus the way they wrap around your arch.
Nadia L'Bahy - Incredibly warm and comfortable!
Carol Mullins - One of my favorite pairs of socks. The quality, double stitching, reinforced heel and toe, the way it has a little hug feature going around your arch and the color is so fun. The ankle height is perfect.
Kristie Presten - These are the BEST socks for hiking. I hike ALOT and have tried many different brands, but I like Darn Tough the best. To give you some perspective I have hiked the Grand Canyon 4 times so far!
Meredith Fife - I love these socks. I have several different versions of these socks and it still doesn’t feel like enough. Having happy feet on the trail is important. These socks have never given me blisters and have always kept my feet warm. The crew size is perfect and will keep unwanted debris out of your s...
Matt Shobe - « I've been doing a lot of distance trail running lately to train for a multi-day trip on the Colorado Trail, and these socks survived a super-wet 16 mile run up Rattlesnake Mountain (here east of Seattle) completely intact while completely preventing blis...
Jessica Graham - Balega socks use mohair to keep your feet cool and prevent blisters. It's always hard to spend money on "just" socks but your feet will thank you! Compared to cotton socks, these are also very durable so just a few pairs in your rotation will keep your feet happy on the run.
Molly Pearcy - Celersport Ankle socks are my go-to for running socks. They are thick and cushiony with extra padding on the back of the heel. Plus they stay put! No slipping down or sliding around while out on a run. They hold up incredibly well wash after wash. I am on my second set and can't imagine buying an...
Karline Nogales - Great product. I bought these socks to wear with a mule. They are comfortable and fit as expected.
Molly Pearcy - Heat Holders do just what they say, they keep you warm! I have two pairs of their socks and have been thrilled with them. They are perfect for long hikes in the cold or just to keep your feet warm while you watch a movie at home.
Josh Bean - Seasoned cyclists know the importance of a quality pair of socks and DeFeet delivers. I have a number of different brands hanging out in my cycling sock collection, but in terms of comfort, performance and price point, I believe that DeFeet offers the best overall package. They maintain a nice ba...
Julie Joyce - I really like the Magellan Lodge Socks. Toasty warm on the feet and lots of fun, colorful designs. Most of my family has them as we have hardwood floors that get cold in the winter.
Erin McDonald - As we approach spring sneaker season and summer flats, these socks are a must. They have grippy heels so they don't slide down!!! Maybe I'm late to the game but I've never had successful flat/sneaker socks that didn't fall down so had to share.
Karline Nogales - You need these socks! Trust me. They are comfy and well-made with high-quality material. I'm happy with my purchase.
Jeri and Amy Andrews - Everyone needs a fun pair of cozy socks to stay warm during the cold and rainy PNW winter season. For every pair of socks purchased, $5 will be donated to the Looking Out Foundation.
Matt Gamboa - You’re either a “no socks” or “yes socks” climber. I am on the "yes" boat. But with that comes the importance of having the thinnest socks you can find since much of climbing has to do with being able to feel the boulders. These Bombas socks keep your feet dry and are some of the most comfortable...
Victoria Grinde - Exactly what I was looking for, so far.....! I wear a size 6M in shoes and these socks fit perfectly. I find that wool makes me itch so I never buy sweaters with wool but these wool blend socks don't bother me at all. Since I've received them I've only been wearing them around the house as bootie...
Ngozi Musa - These Lululemon socks are some of my favorite to wear when working out or running. Not only are the light and anti-stink, they also stay up on your arch to prevent blisters!

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