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The best video games of 2022

Kali Thompson - such a cute and fun game to play!
Adisyn Smith - One of my favorite game super addicting
morgan tucker - i have played every version of this video game in my life and have never been disappointed! its perfect for every age. this game single handley got me through quarantine lol
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ashley sharp, Katie Taylor and 1 other
Kali Thompson - this will always be my all time favorite game!
morgan tucker - forever will be one of my favorite games to play with friends
Blake Alvarado - yoooooo i loooovvveeee mario kart, grew up playing that shi
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Carly Canter - Great gift and best value for all your gamer needs!
Kali Thompson - really easy to use and to hook up to an xbox.
Yaprak DeCarmine - Allows the gamer you love to try out 100+ popular games through a monthly subscription. Perfect gift option if you're not sure which game they might like.
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Kali Thompson - probably one of my favorite games to keep on my phone!
Yaprak DeCarmine - A fun little multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal that's playable with 4-10 friends and family members across the web.
Paige Emricson - Play among us! Murder your friends! get away with it! .... maybe!?... :D I have way too much fun with my group playing this one. If you like messing around and don't take it too seriously - in my opinion. I like to be the wild card and be silly when I play games. I was jestering before that was a...
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Julio Martinez - Minecraft is one of those games that lets you take control and be imaginative. I love it and my 5 yr old love it too. The game is very engaging and fun to play.
Amber Neuhold - Minecraft is one of my favorite games. It is calming and very fun to play with others
Breanna Nave - Creeper... aw man
This game is a lot of fun. From the open world that allows your imagination to run rampant, to the easy building, relaxing music, and challenges, this game is hours of entertainment and fun.
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Emily Midgley - If you have seen the craze all over Facebook but were not sure you wanted to join, definitely take the leap! Wordle is a daily word puzzle. You have 6 chances to guess a random 5 letter word. If you play the board game Mastermind, it is like that but with letters instead of pegs. If you don't kno...
Andre Palacios - Great daily puzzle!!
Alden William - The wordle is so fun! (By the way you might want to check out too.)
morgan tucker - if youre a fan of animal crossing or need a fun, easy, relaxing game to play, this is the one!
Amber Neuhold - This game is so amazing. It is very fun to play and it is super calming. I love it.
Amber Neuhold - A great game with so many fun animals in it. You can be a virtual zoo owner who doesn't love that.
Breanna Nave - So much fun. Especially when you release the lions :)
Amber Neuhold - A great walkthrough game that has so many choices and they choices determine the ending you get for the game. there are so many endings you can get
Breanna Nave - This game is absolutely amazing. It is so fascinating to see the flow charts of where the story could go if you would have chosen to go a different route in the game. I've played it through four times now, and still am finding new things! All-time favorite game!
Amber Neuhold - A great game that has so many fun things you can add and so many roller coasters you can make!
Breanna Nave - Great game. Really fun to build your own custom rollercoaster and manage your park.
Sam McKelvie - All the best parts of the New York Times without all the paper. Try doing it in pen!
recommended by
Kali Thompson - my niece and i used to love the older just dance games on my wii, they were so fun to play and dance along too!
Pat Mccarthy - Great Strategy Game with enough variation and increasing difficulty to play over and over. Daily challenges are also fun
Molly Pearcy - Who doesn't like a round of Mario Kart? But if you want to take it to a new level you have to try Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The set comes with a real life Mario Kart you control with your Switch controller. It also includes a create your own course set that allows you to set up a racetrack a...
Lyr Caleb - Get this thing! It makes you feel like you’re in a whole new world. This thing is nothing like the first one.
Brooklyn Benjestorf - My boyfriend bought the Ring Fit game for Switch during the pandemic and I am so totally hooked! It's technically exercise—you're doing squats, russian twists, yoga moves, tricep curls and much more!—but it feels like a turn-based RPG. I actually look forward to it unlike going to the gym. It's t...
Liz Huerta - This game is fun to play and also beautiful to look at. If you like animal crossing you would like this as well. It is similar to a animal crossing where you get to meet new characters but different and that you have more things to do like chores and activities.

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