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The best wallets of 2022

Laura Wilkinson - I recently purchased these. They came 5 to a pack. They are nice and thick, but I did have to slightly trim my vaccine cards to fit properly.
Patricia Burnett - Many people are now getting vaccinated and need to show proof of vaccination when traveling. I got this very convenient waterproof cardholder with a seal! it is 4x3. and they come in a pack of 3 for about $8
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Kara Dunn, Cortnie Combs and 1 other
Guilherme Nogales - If you’re like me and don’t like walking around with bulky wallet, you gotta try the Ridge wallet. The edge to edge of the wallet is the size of a credit card. You can actually carry up to 12 of them. You won’t even feel it in your pocket. It’s amazingly well crafted and will probably last a life...
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Natasha Willis - I love my Fossil wallet. So many card slots and they have a ton of cute designs
Kathi Lanoue - I bought one for my oldest son, my husband and my dad. These are the best.
Natasha Willis - I didn't realize the difference a quality wallet made! This thing is amazing. Huge fan
Ryan Burke - Runbox offers a line of slim RFID blocking wallets. I personally dislike having a bulky wallet and prefer money clips. Unfortunately, most money clips cannot be used to secure an ID and a debit card.

The Runbox can best be described as a money clip that can also store an ID and a debit card AND ...
Brooke Piszczor - I bought this for my husband's birthday a few years back & it is still in pristine condition as the day it arrived. It is slim, light, holds all his cards & cash without the bulk of a traditional wallet & no disorganization, which is my favorite part!
Alexa Kim - I have several versions of the Eagle Creek Neck Wallet / Cross Body wallet that I use when I travel internationally. It is a perfect size for a passport, cash, credit cards and other light items that you need on a daily basis. Because you have to present your passport all the time, I like having ...
Alexa Kim - When traveling abroad, you will always need to bring some amount of USD cash. First of all, you should make sure that the bills are recent and relatively flawless. In several countries, they will turn away USD with even the slightest tear, stamp or perceived defect. Or, if the date of issue is ea...
Karline Nogales - High-quality and well-designed. It's perfect for holding my cards and driver's license.
Erin Lee - I'm so excited to be receiving my second vaccination soon! Can't wait to travel to see my family! I will be putting my beautiful vaccination card in this holder created using repurposed materials.
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