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The best water filters of 2022

Morgan Keith - I love my Brita. The water tastes so much better.
morgan tucker - i am 100% a water snob and cant do straight up tap water. so i love my brita so much
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Mandi Pacer - Our water at our apartment has a hard mineral taste I cannot stand, so buying a Brita Pitcher was necessary! I like that it advises you with a light when it is time to change the filter.
Natasha Willis - I use this daily. It's very easy to use and makes my water taste so much more refreshing
Amy Posner Wolff - A friend recommended the ZeroWater filter and we love it. It has five layers of filtration. The site even says it can turn wine to water (sounds backwards:). I no longer even use the filtered water from the fridge.
Laura Wilkinson - I love my Zerowater fridge pitcher and its better than other well-known brands I've used. Both the pitchers and filters are widely available and my water is perfectly pure and I save by not buying cases of one-time-use bottled water.
Julie Joyce - The pump sits on top of a 5 gallon water bottle. No need for a large water dispenser taking up space. It was super handy to have during Austin’s recent water issues. Charges with a USB and seems to hold the charge for quite a while. Also has a light so you don’t overflow your cup or bottle.
Anja Castillo - Works really well for being so cost-effective! Only complaint is that after you turn it off, there is a small trickle still so trying to figure out the best way to keep it from dripping onto the counter. Otherwise, it's super convenient and great, though not as feasible to fill a cup w/ 1 hand un...
Marty McConnell - Incredible water filter -- worth the investment.
Robyn McTague - I love the Berkey, the water tastes so good that I drink more of it and tea tastes so much better.
Christy Hussain - We love this pitcher because it produces good water and it's an attractive design. Plus, it's hard not to love that the company is built on an ethos of giving back.
Scott Martin Heimendinger - Britas are unnecessarily ugly. This pitcher is beautiful. Several years into using it and it still makes me happy every time I see it in the fridge.

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