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Whitney McKenna
1 day ago • Bothell
I need help selecting exterior paint colors. Does a service for this exist? Would also love help with decisions around outdoor light fixtures, new ...
3 replies
about 24 hours ago
Liz Pearce @SaraEizen I know you're great at selecting interior paint colors. Do you also do exterior design?
Sara Eizen Yes, I do exterior as well but at the moment I'm only taking clients in Seattle.
Rebecca West A service like this definitely exists! 😁 In our company at Seriously Happy Homes it's called a "Quick Action Session" and we'd have 90 minutes to help select the exterior paint colors and talk through the other elements you are needing. Our Designers Leigh or Summer could totally help you and you can check out the service at or by emailing me at Have a happy day!
Jacob Hollenbeck
2 days ago • Delridge
Does anyone know of a good chiropractor in the Renton area? Preferably old-fashioned (don't need x-rays) and not trying to up-sell me on a "treatme...
2 replies
2 days ago
Chris Manderino I don’t have Renton but dr. Ryan Schoeb in West Seattle is awesome. In and out in 5 minutes and never any upsell - but always spot out making me feel better whether massive migraines or Hurt my back. I even had him work on my 11 year old son once after he collided with someone playing soccer.
Meredith Fife I had a great experience with Pearson Chiropractic. They are located in Auburn but I believe they have a location in Kent which is pretty much Renton, right?
Jennifer Kyle
4 days ago • San Rafael
Hello! Does anyone have a good chiropractor recommendation in the Seattle area? Thank you!
4 replies
about 17 hours ago
Adam Loving Vida (on Madison) has taken good care of me in the past.
Michele Salas I highly recommend Dr Stefan Black at Family First Chiropractic in Delridge
Chris Manderino Dr. Ryan Schoeb - West Seattle though but top choice for me!
Heather Redman
4 days ago • Downtown
seems like tech is moving fast here so would like to find someone who has the latest
2 replies
4 days ago
Bruce Jaffe Dr Rhys Spor is fantastic.
Chek Lim Spektor Dental. Dr. Molly McIntosh is great.
Augustina Liu
6 days ago • South Lake Union
I recently have many pimples growing on my face, which even leave many red spots and dark spots after they disappear. Since Sephora is going to hav...
4 replies
3 days ago
Augustina Liu Thank you!
Carly Canter St Ives Apricot Scrub 4-5 days a week with your regular moisturizer! I have been using this product for years and my skin is clear! You can find it at Target or Walmart for like $3-$4.
Carly Canter Another great product, The Better Skin Company | Lava Magik - a Face Cleanser. It is more expensive, but worth the money since one container lasts for so long!

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