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  • 509 Olive Way, Seattle • Downtown
    Stephen Nash - Kevin has been an incredible doctor over the past eight years. He’s been incredibly supportive since my husband passed away six years ago.
    Jeff Malek - Great doctor!
    mike grabham - I only see him every couple years, but he’s great. I talk to him like a regular person.
  • 4464 Fremont Ave N, Seattle • Fremont
    Andrew Bohrer - I've been a patient for almost 20 years, first with Dr Cahn but I mostly see Amy Cheng these days. Both are have everything you'd want out of a caregiver: intelligence both mental and emotional, highly intuitive and adaptable and compassionate. Several years ago, Dr Cahn said, " look, your cholesterol is bad, you want to take medicine for it or work some kale into your diet? Your choice." Because he gets that it is my choice. I'm kale over drugs.
    Steve Carver - they have a very practical approach to healthcare and can always find time for regular patients
  • Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - milah is very thorough and she is a concierge doc who replies asap to any emails so that i dont have to go into the doc if i need a basic script filled etc
    Piragash - Not my doctor, but the best in the biz, she’s definitely a wiz
    Kara K McKeage - Dr. Frownfelter is empathetic and takes the time to listen. Her approach is balanced and thoughtful.
    recommended by Julie Lamb
  • 4464 Fremont Ave N, Seattle • Fremont
    Patrick O'Donnell - Our whole family has been seeing Dr Grote since 2001.
    recommended by Ken Woodruff, Carolyn Gracz
  • 2671 NE 46th St, Seattle • University District
    Laura - Great doc if you're in the U Village area.
    Kevin Nakao - Dr. Kamo is thorough, takes the time to explain and provide documentation, and is great at articulating the pros/cons of treatment options. His unassuming demeanor makes patients relaxed and Dr. visits comfortable.
    recommended by Oren Etzioni
  • Arry Yu - I heart Dr. Hayden - super candid and thoughtful. I just really trust him.
    Mikaela A Kiner - Dr. Hayden is the kindest and most informative doctor I've ever worked with. High on compassion and empathy.
  • CenturyLink Plaza, 1600 7th Ave 105, Seattle
    recommended by Amy Barker, Adriane
  • 7210 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
    Jessica Eggert - Lindsay is our children's doctor, and she is AMAZING with them. Lindsey is incredibly kind, fast, and efficient. She's also my OBGYN. We went into labor the day she was returning from vacation, and when she found out we were in the hospital she came straight over so she could be there for the delivery.
    Jessica Bryant - I've been seeing Dr. Gunnell at Swedish for several years now and have always been pleased with her care. She's family practice, so I see her for regular checkups, she was my OB/Gyn and delivered my son, and is now his pediatrician as well. Love that she's seen me through everything!
  • 3623 SW Alaska St, Seattle • West Seattle
    Tony Wright - Dr. Harrington feels like an old-school doctor-- he spends a lot of time with patients and is deeply connected with the West Seattle community.
    recommended by OC FLooring
  • 747 Broadway, Seattle • First Hill
    Aileen McGraw - Very empathetic, practical, and like a friend you'd trust with your life. She has made my diabetes management moving from Chicago to Seattle easy and stress free. She is great for twentysomethings.
    Keara McGraw - Treats you like a real person!


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