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Kristy Morrison
1 day ago • Seattle
We are considering painting the exterior of our 1932 stucco house. It's never been painted, and the stucco is in good shape. I want to look at gett...
4 replies
about 15 hours ago
Marston Gould Hello Kristy. Having owned several older homes myself (including my current 1927) I very, very highly recommend Hector Samayoa. Hector's team is not only extremely professional, they do all the little things that many, many other painters won't. First off, no sprays. Never. They only brush and role. You will notice the difference, believe me. Second off, the prep they do to tapping everything off carefully is second to none. I can say without a doubt that our last home sold for about 25% above list almost completely due to the paint job that Hector did inside and out. His number is: (206) 432-1748
Kristy Morrison Thank you @dangerbruss and @Marston
Shannon Garbaccio Check out Welliver Painting - located in Mukilteo. No spraying, color matching on site and small meticulous crews!
Ryan Bruss
2 days ago • Redmond
Does anyone know if Honeycrisp and Fuji apple trees will pollenate each other?
7 replies
about 21 hours ago
Marston Gould That’s great. Honey bees and bumbles typically won’t pollinate trees. Mason and American bees will. Masons are usually spring bees. So most are already moving back into hibernation. Remember to give them both a water and mud source.
Susan Stocker They do pollinate each other. Some growers recommending planting a Crab Apple tree in between apple trees as bees love them and it helps pollination all around. Here's a cool link that you can check for all sorts of information on fruit trees
Ryan Bruss Thank you @susanstocker!!! That's a super helpful resource.
Robert Crimmins
2 days ago • Seattle
We're rehabbing our pool in anticipation of spending more time at home this summer than usual. It's a little like course sand paper in a few spots ...
4 replies
about 19 hours ago
Robert Crimmins Thanks, Meredith! I just left a message for them. The last pool shop I left a message for never called me back. Here's hoping for a better response this time. ;-)
Liz Pearce One more option: Krisco Aquatech
Robert Crimmins Thanks, Liz... I'll call them right away!
Sam Herring
4 days ago • Capitol Hill
I have a push lawn mower that works well but badly needs a blade sharpening. Any ideas? Thanks!
4 replies
3 days ago
Liz Pearce I would try Madison Park Hardware - they list sharpening as a service on their website and I've heard a few friends mention they've gone there.

UPDATED - Well, I just called to confirm and they don't do it. :(
Meredith Fife Hi Sam, I know there was a conversation a few months ago on the same topic. Hope this helps.
Liz Pearce Back with one more option - The Mower Shop in Greenlake. According to Facebook, their store is closed but you can still request service online or over the phone.
Andrea Kaempf
7 days ago • Seattle
I changed iPhones last night and saw the mystery app (have them plan your night out on the town.). They do a mystery package where dinner and somet...
6 replies
2 days ago
Adam Doppelt I've heard only good things. Including from some customers :)
Robert Crimmins Once we can go out again at all, this sounds like a blast. @shanekovalsky Noticed that the link in this thread was incorrect so I'm added what I found when I went looking:
Andrea Kaempf Thanks for correcting @bcrimmins — if you can invent a spellcheck spellcheck checker “damn spell check” I’d buy it!

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