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Carolyn Gracz
about 15 hours ago • Madrona
Looking for a good CSA that hopefully isn’t sold out already. Thanks!
3 replies
about 6 hours ago
Liz Pearce Following! I tried to get on the Growing Washington list but they are sold out :(
Adam Doppelt We subscribed to Acme Farms. Only one box so far but we are happy!
Amy Pennington I love ACME and I have another awesome resource - let me get the details and report back
Steve Banfield
2 days ago • West Seattle
Staying at home has taken a toll on all the dead branches and overgrowth around the house. Now I'm looking at 5 big piles of branches and briers. A...
3 replies
1 day ago
Adam Doppelt I've used Seattle Rubbish Removal twice now. Nice guys, easy scheduling, affordable. I bet they go to West Seattle.
kelly malloy Hi Steve I use Saul Amaya, he's my landscaper for my listings and my home! 206-898-9774 I think for now he's not essential but worth a text to check
Chris Manderino Cardenas yard service. I used them for many years in west seattle.
Shauna Swerland Youssefnia
13 days ago • Mercer Island
we love The Fitness Outlet and we recommend them to friends for their company gyms and anyone who is trying to get in shape at home (especially now...
6 replies
8 days ago
Adam Doppelt The finance piece was provided at checkout by Affirm and was pretty easy/seamless. I think I pay $60/mo for 40 months which adds up to the original price of the Peloton. Plus the monthly Peloton fee which is $40/mo.
Omar Shahine I have some recos here - But we enjoy the equipment from Rogue - we have their folding bench and urethane dumbbells.
Omar Shahine Oh w also have a Peloton. My wife loves it and uses it every day.
Ryan Bruss
13 days ago • Redmond
The house I recently purchased has a gas fireplace that's not functioning anymore. I would like to replace it with something a little nicer looking...
3 replies
13 days ago
Chris Manderino We replaced one in an old house and yes it was expensive but my favorite thing we did in that house. We used Sutter Home & Hearth in Ballard. Awesome service and great selection at many price points.
Adam Doppelt Second Sutter Home & Hearth.
Adam Doppelt You might also try this guy - Rockwell Energy Systems. He works fulltime on gas fireplaces and might have some suggestions for you. Not sure if he also does sales & install.
Liz Pearce
15 days ago • Montlake
I promise, this was on my list long before the current crisis! But now that I have some extra time on my hands, I'd love to cross it off my list. W...
33 replies
9 days ago
Shauna Swerland Youssefnia kanoa ostrem 206-906-9302
Detlef Schrempf Hi Liz - as you know we ( work with our clients on all aspects of their personal and financial lives. Estate planning is one of the planning items we address - typically laying out all the options and then partnering with an estate planning attorney to execute. We have worked with Kanoa and many others. I think you would love Laura Hoexter from Helsell Fetterman
Steven A. Chayer This crisis has lit a fire under Elizabeth's and my-you know what. We will be asking Tracy Codd to help us. We've known him for 10 plus years and he is a solid, reliable and skilled attorney, and very personable.

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