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Erin McDonald
about 3 hours ago • Pinehurst
We have a 1943 house and NONE of the doors close properly :( We have got a few quotes that seem way high. Hoping for a new front door with a storm ...
1 reply
about 2 hours ago
Ryan Bruss @adam_schlipp from Fairwood Construction, LLC installed a front door for me (along with a new kitchen, bathroom, flooring, interior doors, trim, etc.). I did purchase the door separately, but got a really nice paint ready door from Lowe's for under $300.
Kristen Cole
about 3 hours ago • Central District
My mom just moved here and needs a whole new set of medical professionals. Looking for a doctor, cardiologist and dentist that are great with 77+ y...
2 replies
about 2 hours ago
Liz Pearce @LCM (fellow Cap Hill mom) could be a great option for a physician - I know she has a lot of senior patients. (Linda, correct me if I'm wrong :)
Liz Pearce Also @sdossick just recommended a dentist this morning (Dr. Richard Stickney) that sounds great!
MaryHeather Lines
about 4 hours ago • Kirkland
Does anyone know a travel agent that does Private Jet Charters? Or a private jet company with a fairly large fleet in Seattle area?
1 reply
about 3 hours ago
Devon Burns TCS World Travel is based in Seattle, they can create custom travel itineraries with private jet charters.
Amy Pennington
about 22 hours ago • Queen Anne
HI! Does anyone know of anyone that is experienced with litigation regarding mold? Looking for consultation and potential representation wherein a ...
6 replies
about 2 hours ago
Amy Pennington Yeah, tried them - THANK YOU
Nathan Hoerschelmann Amy, I’m happy to talk with you as well, if interested. All the best.
Amy Pennington I will reach out, Nathan - THANK YOU
Ryan Bruss
1 day ago • Redmond
During hard rains water pools up in front of our garage. There's a drainage pipe that goes to the back of the house, but water just pools up there....
1 reply
1 day ago
Marston Gould Hey Ryan, I had much the same problem with our home when I first moved in. In fact, I probably have the exact same garage picture somewhere. What I would say about the garage drain is that these often get built without the appropriate slope to drive the water into a drain - and those drains almost always need to be cleaned even with a debris screen every year. For your gate area, someone needs to dig a trench, put in a pipe -at the right angle and either drain somewhere where it will naturally go to run off or into the sewer. I rented a ditch digger, dug a trench, bought PVC pipe that I drilled holes into (that was fun) and covered those with screens that I glued on and then covered with very lightweight landscape paper to reduce debris. I can say its a lot easier to do when its not raining. If you want to hire, look up drainage contractors.

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