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Atlanta, GA • 57.0k karma
Welcome to my page! My name is Dakota, and I absolutely love my community for all that it is and for all that it does. Atlanta is a fast-growing, international melting pot filled with hidden gems, surrounded by everyday people doing incredible things, and I want you to come share in my adventure! Traveler ✈️ Book Lover 📖 Obsessed with cheese 🧀
Portland, OR • 37.2k karma
Georgetown, TX • 32.3k karma
New resident of the Austin, Texas area. Enjoy getting to know the communities around me.
Denver, CO • 29.4k karma
Somerville, MA • 27.3k karma
Always looking for the most sustainable option. Lover of thrifting, vegan eats, and a million hobbies.
Boston, MA • 24.2k karma
Cumming, GA • 20.7k karma
I enjoy supporting all things L O C A L! There is nothing better than walking into a family owned, or locally owned restaurant, coffee shop, veterinarian (that's been serving the community for decades), or clothing shop that houses only the best local artists in your beloved area. I'm married and have 3 wonderful daughters! Life is FABULOUS!
Puyallup, WA • 19.8k karma
Fun | Outgoing | Love to network | Passionate about helping others reach their full potential
Miami, FL • 19.7k karma
Hello, I am a Miami resident that is passionate about my city. Always looking to showcase Miami in a positive light and help people with recommendations.
Seattle, WA • 19.3k karma
Grew up in West Seattle and still here. Bought the house next door to my childhood home. Work in tech. I dig real estate (have a few Airbnb's) and have remodeled a few homes.
Seattle, WA • 19.1k karma
Live in Ravenna, and work on Queen Anne. Juggling: publishing a book, running a small business (brand strategy consulting), taking care of aging parents, and momming for a teen, a tween, and a very fat cat.
Miami, FL • 17.2k karma
Mama. Sister. Daughter. Friend.
Los Angeles, CA • 16.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 16.3k karma
Creative writer who loves the Bachelor and everything trashy-pop-culture. Pure, unfiltered millennial.
Tucson, AZ • 15.2k karma
Always munching, running and lifting!! Just trying to live a balanced lifestyle!
Powder Springs, GA • 14.9k karma
Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga I enjoy living out my early 20s trying new restaurants and exploring new places with friends and family!
Seattle, WA • 14.3k karma
I'm Laura!
Seattle, WA • 13.3k karma
Seattle native. Crazy plant lady. Guardian to 1 kitty.
Seattle, WA • 13.3k karma
Entrepreneur, aspiring hand model, e-biker, 2nd best guacamole maker in King County, WA.
Pembroke Pines, FL • 12.5k karma
Austin, TX • 12.2k karma
Product/Design founder, minimalist maximizer, dog dad, nihilist optimist humanist.
Seattle, WA • 12.2k karma
Certified Postpartum Doula on a mission to help new mothers - one day at a time!
Austin, TX • 11.9k karma
I have kids. I know a lot about kid stuff. ...Update: now I have a dog too.
Seattle, WA • 11.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 11.0k karma
Lake City dweller. Killer of plants. Always on the hunt for good food.
Boston, MA • 10.9k karma
Based in Boston and Los Angeles | Lover of good food and music :)
Seattle, WA • 10.6k karma
I live in Ravenna. Many house projects and old(er) vehicles. Sometimes I need professional help.
Seattle, WA • 10.6k karma
@ArryinSeattle everywhere or on the web. :) Strategic Operator | Startups | Blockchain | Investing | Women | Motherhood | Writer
Seattle, WA • 10.1k karma
Hi, I'm Augustina, a UX designer, minimalist, and environmentalist. I advocate for an inclusive society to make the world more accessible and inclusive for those people with different abilities.
Austin, TX • 9.9k karma
Owner of Sitter4Paws Austin LLC. I love caring for animals so YOU can PAWS and RELAX. I am a retired Special Education Aide/teacher. Married for 26 years, I have 2 boys 27 and 24 and have 5 beautiful grandchildren ranging from ages 7 to 1. Love to travel, walk, mountain bike and spend time with my family and friends.
Seattle, WA • 9.7k karma
Feminist, fashion publicist, global traveler, truth-teller, Virgo. Stylish Mom of 2 in Seattle. Founder of @gossip_glamour.
Tacoma, WA • 9.7k karma
Owner/Massage Therapist at Stephanie Pederson Massage Therapy:, Choreographer, Dancer
Seattle, WA • 9.5k karma
Grew up on Capitol Hill, new to Columbia City/Othello. Love entrepreneurship and karaoke.
Seattle, WA • 9.4k karma
Crafter, creator, gamer.
Seattle, WA • 9.3k karma
People always ask what kind of real estate we specialize in, and we simply like to answer with: "The people kind!" As managing brokers at Windermere Wedgwood, our specialty, and home, is Northeast Seattle. Serving both buyers and seller, our mission is to make the process both educational and fun!
Apache Junction, AZ • 9.3k karma
I am the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Apache Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.
Seattle, WA • 9.2k karma
Artist, home owner and mom
Seattle, WA • 8.9k karma
Seattle, WA • 8.8k karma
I Marie Condo'd my life in 2019 after leaving Microsoft, in preparation for diving into the local tech scene and investing. I'm the co-founder of a startup called UpLift Group. We provide owner-centric data + help + tools for HOAs (condos and townhouses), the kind of things we ourselves want as condo owners and board members.
Seattle, WA • 8.8k karma
Mom, founder, writer. I live in Mt Baker with two teens and three cats so we need things repaired all the time!
Austin, TX • 8.6k karma
Passionate photographer (with bodacious studio in Travis Heights), nature lover, long-time New Orleans Jazz Fest photog.... can be found singing in her front yard garden or photographing people and nature nearby. Austinite since 1978.
Long Beach, CA • 8.1k karma
Long Beach, CA homeowner who loves house projects.
Austin, TX • 8.0k karma
Friends of all those creative people
Seattle, WA • 7.8k karma
I'm a writer who makes a living in the booze and hospitality industry.
Seattle, WA • 7.7k karma
Every client is unique. I am passionate about helping women find their personal style so they can go out in the world and be their best self. I love to use my 20 plus years of experience in the industry to help you feel inspired and excited to get dressed every morning by reinventing, recycling and refreshing your wardrobe.
Seattle, WA • 7.6k karma
I've lived in Capitol Hill, Issaquah, and now Columbia City. The Light Rail is my lifeline. So, if anything requires going over a bridge, I'm not going unless it's really good. Oh, and now I have Bernese Mountain Dog who gains 3 lbs a week, so my life includes weekly trips to the pet store, vet, and dog trainer.
Seattle, WA • 7.5k karma
Dad. Vice President, Kindle at Amazon. StrongFirst Certified Team Leader. BJJ Blue Belt, 2 Black Belts, Lifelong Martial Artist.
Austin, TX • 7.5k karma
30+ year Austinite with 20 years in Travis Heights. Love South Austin!
Oakesdale, WA • 7.3k karma
Homeschooling mom of two boys. Married to the love of my life for almost 20 years. After wandering the world in the military, we settled down in Eastern WA.
Bellevue, WA • 7.3k karma
Tech entrepreneur/investor living in Bellevue. Dad of 3
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